A Canadian-German Research Project


Over the last decade, the problem of maritime domain awareness has dramatically shifted from one of sparse data to the current situation of a plethora of sensors with an overabundance of data. This has spawned intense research activity to extract the maximum useful information for improved maritime safety and security.

Of course, this is also the fundamental driver of the current research proposal, as emerging sensors and the development of new and improved algorithms to produce useful knowledge continues unabated. However, the richness of the data streams compels the need for highly effective visual displays, both static and interactive. This is challenging even for the case of relatively static views, but essential for real-time vessel traffic monitoring.

Visualization techniques will be developed for progressive stages of information and derived knowledge, culminating in a novel output of interactive Arctic traffic and risk maps. Within the framework of this study, we will work closely with our industry partners and other stakeholders, to develop effective means of visualization of the outputs from the various research thrusts.

Making sense of Arctic shipping information
A storymap to visualize the risks in the Canadian Arctic Visit our storymap
Visualizing information and qualitative data